Announcing the #PandemicProject contest winners!

Mary Pendleton

Apr 21, 2021

We asked you to share a video about a #PandemicProject you worked on during the last year. Your videos blew us away! We applaud your creativity and ingenuity during a year of challenges.

Here are the five winning videos, as scored by our panel of judges.

Grand prize winner: @musicwithdrew@musicwithdrew@musicwithdrew

Drew pivoted his children’s music classes to be virtual during the pandemic. As one of our judges said, “He was super engaging and did a great job of naturally integrating mmhmm--it wasn't a presentation, it was a whole performance.”

@bohemianbuff@bohemianbuff@bohemianbuff - Michael and his son built an electric skateboard together, and the results were heartwarming and impressive.  According to one of our judges, “This family energy was everything, and a great use of mmhmm presets.”

@travellinghomebodies@travellinghomebodies@travellinghomebodies - We loved Bayka’s clever use of mmhmm’s greenscreen functionality when sharing about his gardening project. “Very clever and funny, excellent use of mmhmm to "shrink" himself for his pandemic project!”

@positivelywoof @positivelywoof @positivelywoof - These video podcasters really know their way around mmhmm! One judge said “I love the time they took to produce such high-quality content and I love what they're doing for the community.” Plus, puppies. Awww!

@iamjorgeenriquez@iamjorgeenriquez@iamjorgeenriquez - Jorge’s project was basically himself, and he won us over with his heartfelt effort.  “This was super meaningful and therapeutic to watch.”