Our latest update: Look fresh

Ganda Suthivarakom

Oct 22, 2020

Download the latest mmhmm beta release to see new features that will make you look better than ever (not that you needed any help).

Tips bar in mmhmm

Tips bar

We’ve created a new status bar at the top of the page. If mmhmm were KITT from Knight Rider, this is where it would talk to you. This display will provide, among other things, helpful tips for making the most of your mmhmm experience. (If you’re looking for the slide sizer, it’s down in the slide tray now.)

Countdown to recording in mmhmm

Countdown to record

To start your session off right, we have a countdown so that you have a beat to compose yourself (smile!) before you start your presentation. We’ll also let you know how much time has elapsed since you started recording in the new status bar.

Man against background looking through a peephole in mmhmm

More stable masks

If you use the circle and rectangle masks around your face, you’ll see much smoother action in how the camera follows you, even if you move around. No more looking like you’re being viewed through a telescope on a rocky boat.

Woman in witch hat with an orange slide with pumpkin faces

Halloween rooms

Trick or treating may have been canceled, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show off your best Halloween get-up on your next video call. To give you a better backdrop, we’ve added six Halloween-themed rooms in our room catalog. Your nasal swab costume is going to look awesome in front of the autumn forest, ghost cuties, spooky pumpkin path and more.

Bug fixes

Never stop squashing.

Accept that update and jump in!