New features! (Did someone say lasers?)

Elizabeth Moore

Oct 15, 2020

Hi there! It’s been an action-packed few weeks here at mmhmm, and we’re getting really close to officially launching to the general public.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s new in today's feature release. We hope you enjoy!

Illustration of a cat swiping at the mmhmm laser pointer

Here come the lasersHere come the lasersHere come the lasers

Present like a pro with our fancy new laser pointer, which comes in multiple colors and even rainbow mode. It's easy to master, and you'll be one step closer to Jedi Knighthood. See it in action here.

Screenshot of a cursor browsing all mmhmm rooms

More rooms, more funMore rooms, more funMore rooms, more fun

Our catalog of dynamic rooms keeps expanding. Now you have even more places to go—something we could all use these days!

Illustration of the mmhmm bot adding a "coffee break" presentation tab

Raising the barRaising the barRaising the bar

The tab bar has more tricks. You can now drag tabs to reorder them, plus every time you launch mmhmm it restores the tabs you previously had open so you can pick up right where you left off.

Illustration of the mmhmm bot using a magnifying glass over Kanji symbols


We’ve got a great community in Japan, so you can now use mmhmm in Japanese. We'll be adding more languages soon.