mmhmm for Windows 1.1: BBRB (Beyond be right back)

Ganda Suthivarakom

Jul 21, 2021

Folks, this update adds features we’re debuting in the Windows version of mmhmm before they come to the Mac! Our platform teams are growing, which means they’ll each take turns releasing improvements first. We’re adding two new options to mmhmm for Windows—a customizable away screen and a multi-mode pointer for emphasizing things on screen.

Customizable away screen

The new away screen comes standard with animated video background with the text “Be Right Back.” You can also edit the text to customize the away message. 

Screenshot of Be Right Back screen

New multi-mode pointer

The enhanced pointer adds extra features that do way more than your index finger can. The pointer has four modes:

  • Cursor shows your cursor as an arrow, a blue dot, or clear dot for focusing attention on a point on the screen.
  • Laser has a tail that follows your mouse. You can also hold the mouse button down to draw something that stays on screen until you let go of the clicker.
  • Pencil allows you to draw things that remain on screen until you turn the pointer off.
  • Magnifier allows circle and square magnification at 2x or 3x (Computer, enhance!).
Screenshot of mmhmm with man standing in front of a city background with a drawing of the word "Here"

BRB, gonna practice drawing some mustaches on myself.