New mmhmm for Mac 1.2: Slides just got way better

Ganda Suthivarakom

Feb 25, 2021

Everybody clap your hands! Mmhmm’s making the next hop forward in video storytelling and this time, it’s all about slides. Our designers have turned your best requests into reality. The latest update gives you the power to style your presentations like never before, adding more flexibility and even higher-level production options:

Simple is beautiful

Animated gif of a slide that says "You can now make slides directly in mmhmm"

Add slides to your presentation as fast as you can type them up. Design simple slides right in mmhmm, with a headline, body text, and an image. Choose from different themes and layouts designed to look great with the room of your choice. 

Import your presentation

Animated gif showing how you can drag and drop a presentation into mmhmm slide tray

Many of you asked for the ability to import decks from presentation software, so we’ve made it simple to do just that. Just drag and drop your best decks from Powerpoint, Keynote, or a PDF, curate them with Rooms and Effects, and present everything right in mmhmm. 

Add individual slide presets

Animated gif showing how each slide has the presenter in different spots and against backgrounds

Every presentation is a show, and every slide should be its own scene. Individual slide settings help you art direct the Room, Effects, Presenter settings, and more for each scene. When it’s time to present, you can click through a magic-filled show without ever taking your eyes off of the camera. Presto-chango!

This works particularly well when showing imported Keynote and PowerPoint slides in full screen mode because you can set exactly where you'll appear on each slide. (Pro tip: set your Keynote or PowerPoint templates to 16X9 aspect ratio if you want to show the slides full-screen in mmhmm with no wasted space.)

To customize all the settings for a slide, just double click on the slide thumbnail in the tray. Under Customize for this slide, check the Room and presenter settings box. The next time you come back to the slide, all the settings will be just how you left them.

Magnify it

Animated gif showing how to use a laser pointer that magnifies and images

We’re adding the magnifier to our pointer set so you can get close-ups on whatever you want your audience to inspect. (Pro tip: Don't put the magnifier over your mouth and grin. It's kinda freaky looking.) 

Slide your slides, or don't

We've added a bunch more slide-y goodness for you to explore. Over-the-shoulder mode now animates your slides as you change them. You can also position the slides behind the presenter (like before), or on top. Change both of these settings in the Slides menu. (Pro tip: Slides on top work particularly well with the translucent background of some of our themes, or when you're using your real background with the rectangle presenter mask.)

Slide to the left. Slide to the right. Download the latest update and let’s go to work!