mmhmm for Mac 1.1.1 Update: You’re in control

Ganda Suthivarakom

Jan 19, 2021

New year, new mmhmm! We’ve released the latest update to mmhmm to give you more control over some of your most used settings. Keep the feedback coming—you help us make mmhmm better all the time. 

Chroma key picker is back

Lots of you reached out to say that your backdrops weren’t the exact shade of Hollywood-perfect green. We heard you. We’ve brought back the chroma key picker (the color wheel with the eyedropper) so you can dial in the precise color of your green screen (or whatever colored sheet you’ve push-pinned up behind you, no shade). To optimize your green screen, go to the camera button on the upper right corner of the mmhmm window. Check “I have a green screen” to see the chroma key picker. It is easy being green. 

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Filter settings

Sometimes you need to dial in how emo you really want to look. That’s why we’ve added filter settings to the Effects. Go to the Presenter tab, choose an effect, and use the slider to go from drizzle to downpour with the rain effect, barely hidden to full spy mode with the pixel effect, and more. 

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Full frame improvements

You told us that you don't always want a virtual background, so in the last update we added the ability to use your real room. This time, we’ve included improvements that give you even more crop control. Show more of your immaculate bookshelf or hide this morning’s coffee stains on your shirt. To try it, go to the Presenter tab and choose the rectangular frame (the middle option). Drag the corners or sides to frame yourself perfectly. This works with or without a green screen. Big hair be seen; bad hair be gone.

We hope you enjoy using mmhmm for Mac 1.1.1 as much as we enjoy typing “1.1.1.” Ok, just once more: 1.1.1. Bye!