3 Free 5-Minute Trivia Games for your Next Video Call

The Community team

Dec 11, 2020

These days, the workday and social calendar can feel like a nonstop parade of video calls. To break up the monotony of Zoom rooms, we asked friend of mmhmm, Tom Watson, to create some accessible, family-friendly trivia icebreakers you can share on your next meeting or social call. 

This week we’ll be sharing three trivia games:

Word thief - In this 5-minute game, players fill in the blanks and guess which word has been stolen by the word thief. YouTube link | Play sheet

Geography - In this 5-minute game, test your guests’ knowledge of famous places in the world. YouTube link | Play sheet

Happy Holiday Trivia - Perfect for a family holiday call, see who knows the most about Christmas traditions. YouTube link | Play sheet

To host a game on your next video call, you’ll need to be able to share your screen through either Google Meet or Zoom. Here’s how:

  • Send out the optional answers sheet for each player with your meeting invite.
  • Open the YouTube link in your browser. 
  • Open Zoom or Google Meet.
  • Share your screen (in Zoom, you can click the green Share screen button on the bottom of the screen and find the browser window with the video. In Google Meet, you can click Present and choose the browser window with the trivia video.)

Each trivia game runs about five minutes long and the answers are included in the end so everyone can submit their answers to the host. (Prizes not included, but we encourage you to offer some!)

We’ll also be hosting a live trivia event with Tom on December 17th at 3PM Pacific. Come join us for some brain-teasing fun and you may even leave with a special prize! 

Space is limited! Please make sure to RSVP today