Stream deck + mmhmm

Tap into video magic

Combine the power of mmhmm with the control of Stream Deck. Customize your look, advance through your slides, or add special effects without having to fiddle with on-screen controls.

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Stream deck usage


Powerful presentations.
Unstoppable flow.

mmhmm makes your thoughts visible in presentations. Stream Deck makes your controls tactile.

Create your perfect setup in a flash

illustration of Stream Deck

Step 1

Choose your Stream Deck (we work with every model.)

Illustration of Stream Deck app

Step 2

Download the Stream Deck app for your desktop.

Step 3

Get the free mmhmm plugin from the Elgato Marketplace.

Step 4

Drag and drop your ready-to-use actions onto your keys and dials.

Choose your Stream Deck

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Personalize your Stream Deck

The mmhmm plugin works with every Stream Deck model. For more information on how to design your perfect setup, visit the help center.








Change size

Effects: Cycle through or toggle select

Effect intensity

Background: Cycle top or toggle select

Camera frame: Silhouette, circle, or rectangle

Go to slide: Next or previous

Media: Toggle select

Background: On/off

Big Hands: On/off

Fullscreen: On/off

Camera: On/off

Mic: On/off

Mirror video: On/off

Record: Begin/pause

Slide: On/off

Dials are only available on Stream Deck +

Make your presentations flow with Stream Deck

Get all the action at your fingertips with the free mmhmm plugin.