Better training, less work

Required viewing doesn't have to be boring. Create livelier videos that connect with attendees and make them want to engage.

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Train people wherever (and whenever) work happens

Do more teaching in less time by building a library of presentations you can constantly refine. Connect to other video meeting platforms, or record once and train many.

Turn work training videos into must-see TV

Work videos should be fun and useful. With mmhmm, every work video can be a pleasure to watch and a joy to create.

Direct viewers’ attention

Turn video workshops into immersive experiences. Interact on-screen with screenshares or othervisuals, so your audience knows what to pay attention to.

Share securely

Download videos and share on your company’s learning management system. Set team-wide or individual permission so only the right people can see your video. Or, publish directly to mmhmm.

Collect audience insights

See who has (and has not) watched your videos published on mmhmm. Get feedback and emoji reactions from your audience.

Experiment faster

Cut new versions quickly so you can adapt videos to different teams or update information without wasting a lot of time editing—no video team required.

Explain anything with hybrid video

Supercharge communication on live and recorded video with mmhmm. Engage your audience and be understood whenever you’re on screen.