mmhmm vs. OBS: Which one is right for you?

OBS made broadcast video production possible for amateurs. mmhmm streamlines video production by making multiple-source videos easy to create, quick to customize, and professional-looking.

Design your video screen in minutes

1. Create your first scene by adding an image, video, or even a second camera to a slide.

2. Style and resize your webcam video with different frames and effects.

3. Join a video meeting live. Or, record your video. Share a link to watch or download an mp4.

Compare features:

mmhmm vs. OBS




Screen recorder

Presenter overlay


Works with Mac and Windows

Works as virtual camera with Zoom, Meet, Teams, Webex, and more

Hundreds of unique backgrounds

Easy presentation import (PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF)

Webcam frame options, including virtual green screen

Includes web app that works in most browsers

Video editing

Multiple guests on screen

Records to the cloud

Simplified interface

One-click special effects

Searchable GIPHY library

Automatic subtitles/closed captions

Customer support team

Modular dock user interface

Configuration for broadcast, recording settings

Audio mixing controls


Open source

Works with Linux

For more, see Features.

Why people choose mmhmm over OBS

Making studio-quality video shouldn’t require a video team or help center cram sessions. mmhmm lets you create with drag-and-drop ease—no learning curve, no fancy equipment needed.

Keynote-quality video in less time with intuitive controls

Group streaming for up to 10 people with smooth sync

Integrated editing tools let you trim clips as you record

Simplified recording and editing to streamline your workflow

Professional admin tools and built-in security for teams

Active customer support, always available to answer any question

“I started researching OBS and I learned it, and it's a steep learning curve. I found that mmhmm was just so much easier to train people up on.”

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