The hybrid work guide

The Lurker

Feb 27, 2024

As a deep thinker, you're also independent and self-reliant. You have a thoughtful approach to life and the power of empathy and understanding. When you allow your personality to take center stage in your video calls, people will act accordingly. According to our recent study, you’re like 40% of working Americans.

Here are some of your key characteristics:

1. Excellent listener: You have a natural knack for making everyone feel comfortable and at ease. Your warm and welcoming nature ensures that no one hesitates to share their thoughts and ideas, regardless of their background or position. You excel at hearing voices from all corners of the room.

2. Strong focus and concentration: You are less likely to be easily distracted, which allows you to work efficiently and with a high level of attention to detail.

3. Calm under pressure: You're not just quiet; you're also able to remain level headed and diffuse tension, contributing to effective crisis management within your meetings. Your ability to support others creates a collaborative and positive atmosphere.

Lurkers are often in creative or developer positions. Tap into communication tools that you can lean on for being distinctive and engaging on video, like mmhmm.

Here's a tip for you to win your virtual meetings…

Because you like to present a polished image, it may seem overwhelming to present your ideas live on video calls. Consider tapping into the power of hybrid video by pre-recording your team updates. This allows you to send a polished video that lets your team absorb ideas at the time and speed that works best for them, with a clear source of truth they can refer back to.

Looking for inspiration?

Read how Steven Mih of Ahana uses hybrid video to motivate and align his team.

Release some of that internal pressure and lean on async video communication at work. Pre-recorded video gives live meetings more clarity and context. Those meetings become more interactive and productive, sparking more thoughtful follow-ups.


Turn heads on video.

mmhmm helps you make every virtual meeting better by being on screen with your content. Ready to be more distinctive on video?

Here are some resources to inspire your next call or recording 🎥✨

  1. All Hands meetings: Keep big teams in the know through immersive, on-brand all-hands meetings your team can watch anytime.
  2. Show more than just your screen: mmhmm helps your viewers understand what they see. Place yourself over your screenshare to explain what’s happening in every recording.
  3. Trainings and tutorials: Make effective instructional videos that encourage active learning
  4. Product demos: Turn your screen into a showroom and spotlight your product in a whole new way

Now that you know more about your meeting style, we hope you're already getting inspired to jump on your next call.