Creative Brief

You’re invited to join the 2024 mmhmm Creator Campaign! As a participant, you’ll use mmhmm to record a course or webinar and then share your experience on social media.

📽 About mmhmm

mmhmm is a video recording app that helps you stay connected with your audience by layering yourself over your presentation slides. Whether you’re live on Zoom or pre-recording your content, you can capture your audience’s attention by using mmhmm. It helps you explain things visually, spark more “aha!” moments, and bridge the gap between you and your audience.

mmhmm is the easy-to-use solution that allows you to make truly stress-free recorded video. Look and sound polished - even when nerves mess up your first few tries. And make everything look perfect without spending hours learning and fiddling with multiple steps.

📅 Content elements

  • One course on a topic of your choice using mmhmm
    • This can be either a 30+ minute workshop or a course with multiple video modules.
    • The goal is to have at least 50 attendees of your workshop or course (combined between live and recorded views.)
  • One social media post about your course sharing your experience of recording the course and your student’s feedback.

✅ Content requirements

Items to include in your course or workshop:

  • A short segment about mmhmm:
    • Mention that mmhmm is sponsoring the course,
    • Share your personal experience recording with mmhmm
    • Ask for feedback from your students on how they liked it.
  • Include your mmhmm referral link in this format:,
  • The course should go live by March 1, 2024

Items to include in your social media post:

  • Share your experience of recording your course using mmhmm, comparing it to ways you’ve recorded courses in the past, and sharing feedback you received from your students.
  • Encourage them to download our free Video Course Creation Cheat Sheet (link coming soon)
  • Include your mmhmm referral link in this format:,
  • Tag us @mmhmmapp and include #sponsoredpost
  • Should go live by April 1, 2024

📌 Talking points

When talking about mmhmm, feel free to choose the messaging that fits your audience best. Here are a few directions you could go in:

Hold attention
Break out of that tiny box up in the corner. Stay on screen with your slides and connect with your audience while you present. Point out the important stuff - literally.

Build your brand
Own your presence with a memorable look and feel that highlights your brand, tone, and creativity. Boring video can kill good ideas - a livelier presence creates a more engaged audience, making it easier to be understood.

Stay in the flow
Switch seamlessly into and out of a live screen share without breaking your rhythm. Load your screen share slide ahead of time so you’re not fumbling when you’re ready to present.

Wow your audience
Energize meetings and interact with your content to present your ideas your way. Make them say “How did you do that?” every single time.

Perfect your course videos
Edit out the rough spots while recording so you can nail your instructional video or webinar in less time. No learning curve or video team required.

🤩 Inspiration: Video workshops and courses recorded in mmhmm

We love the way these workshops and courses spotlight the speakers and make deep audience connections.

📃 Content process

  • Content must be submitted for approval to before posting
  • Your social accounts must be connected in the platform so we can track progress

📘 mmhmm brand book

You’ll find all the items you need to represent mmhmm properly in our mmhmm brand book. Logos, icons, screenshots, etc - it’s all there!

🏆 mmhmm coaching

Our mmhmm coaches are standing by to help get you up and running if you need it. Book a 30 minute session here.

💰 Compensation

Payments will be processed through the Grin platform, according to your contract.

Have fun creating! Reach out if you have any questions to

Last updated: Jan 29, 2024