Download free mmhmm-ready templates for PowerPoint or Keynote

Works with

and anything that allows virtual cameras

Meet your video call companion

Take your meetings to the next level by putting your slides over your shoulder. mmhmm works with Zoom, Meet, and Teams.

Record impressive videos

Create videos for updates, demos, and training without fancy equipment or a video team. See analytics on who has watched.

Skip the meetings—send videos instead

Prioritize the meetings that matter and send recordings for everything else. Catch up with work videos on your own schedule.

How it works

Make high-quality video with drag-and-drop ease

Step 1

Pick a background

Choose from dozens or upload your own.

Step 2

Add your slides

Drag and drop images, create text slides, or add a screenshare behind you.

Step 3

Connect to a meeting

Choose the mmhmm camera for your Zoom, Meet, Webex, or Teams call.

Step 4

Make a recording

Record your presentation and share a quick link securely.

Great stories aren’t told in bullet points

You’re way better at persuading people than your deck alone.


Stand out from every other pitch by sending personalized videos that help you close deals faster.

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Give investors and boards confidence with immersive presentations that busy stakeholders can watch anytime.

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Product demo

Customers need to see it to believe it. Increase sales with stress-free demos you can share during live calls.

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Distributed work

Build company culture with a shared video library your team can watch anytime. Smarter teamwork, fewer meetings.

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Record your first video in minutes