The hybrid work guide

Whether you're enjoying the camaraderie of the office, crushing your goals from home, or doing a bit of both, the shift to hybrid work requires a new skill set.

That's why we've put together this guide to making hybrid work work.

Learn how mmhmm hybrid video can help you improve communication and connection in our changing work world.

What is hybrid work?

Hybrid work isn’t just when people work part-time from home and part-time from the office. It can mean any number of work modes where colleagues don’t always work in the same physical space. The pandemic introduced many knowledge workers to the freedom of hybrid work, and much of the workforce has embraced its flexibility. We explore the places where remote work, in-office work, and multiple-location work meet in the modern workplace, and how best to approach its new challenges.

Welcome to the hybrid shift

Hybrid work is the new normal. This is our guide to how to make hybrid work work for you.


Challenges and solutions in hybrid work

On-site work wasn’t perfect, but hybrid work presents its own new challenges. From helping people in different locations feel included in the conversation, to overseeing work without actually seeing it happen, to providing the right opportunities for remote workers to gather together, the issues that hybrid work can bring require thoughtful solutions. We’ve researched best practices in hybrid work to find solutions worth trying.

How introverts can love being on video

It's harder to make an impression when you're an introvert. Here's how hybrid video helps introverts get ahead in ways that play to their strengths.


Managing hybrid work

Managing a team you don’t always see can be challenging, but we believe that trust and good communication is the key to building productive hybrid teams. As a fully-remote company ourselves, we’ve researched and implemented best practices for managing high-performing hybrid teams, helping everyone to feel included, informed, autonomous, and impactful.

Effective hybrid work starts with better video communication

See how mmhmm can help you explain yourself more effectively anytime you're on live or recorded video.