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A screen recorder that does more

mmhmm is a screen recorder that works with Mac, Windows, or your browser to capture screen video and audio in an easy-to-share recording link.

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What you can do in mmhmm

mmhmm was built to make video communication powerful and easy. Do more with your screen recordings.

Recording features

Screenshare over your shoulder

Pin multiple visuals

Design your screen layout

Add your webcam

Video sharing features

Edit as you go

Record with others

Apply special effects

Share video links or an mp4

See who has watched

Record your screen in 3…2…1…

mmhmm helps your viewers understand what they see. Place yourself on screen to explain what’s happening in every recording.

Record and edit simply

Who’s got time for post-production? Finish your recording in minutes—no learning curve, no fancy equipment required. Fix flubs fast by re-recording sections and swapping them in anytime.

Share videos instantly

Stop making your hard drive do such heavy lifting. Save your presentations and videos to the cloud so you can access them from anywhere. (You can still download an mp4 when you want to upload elsewhere.)

Works anywhere you do

Windows, Mac, or both—we play well with everybody. Download the app, or start your screen capture by opening mmhmm in your browser.


How do you record your screen for Mac with mmhmm?

Open mmhmm to record your screen. (You can also open mmhmm in your browser.) Choose an option from the top row to share screen, images, videos, a text slide, a GIPHY gif, or a second camera. Design your slide so that you and your content look great. Click the Record button. Save your video to publish it instantly. When it’s ready, you can share the link or download an .mp4. For more, see Add slides to your mmhmm presentation or conversation in our help center.

How do you record your screen for Windows with mmhmm?

How do you record your screen on your phone or tablet with mmhmm?

Can you remove the watermark in mmhmm?

Is there a time limit for recordings in mmhmm?

Is there a limit to the number of recordings you can make?

Built to make work over video better

As a fully-distributed, global team ourselves, we’re on a mission to help people who work on video (that is, nearly everyone) create more sustainable and joyful ways to work, teach, and collaborate.