What's New

Beta 3: The latest and greatest

We’re currently in beta, and constantly shipping exciting new features. Here’s a look at all the fun new stuff you can do with mmhmm.

New features, better design

Look for several optimizations—like sound in video slides, easy toggling between presentation tabs, and an “Away” mode to close the curtain.


Now two people can work together on the same show— a first glimpse at how mmhmm is reimagining collaborative presentations.

Interactive Recordings

Make a recording and let your viewer control the show. It’s a whole new way to communicate asynchronously.

Invite friends

Now beta testers can invite others to join them using mmhmm.

Better performance

Mmhmm is now a lot faster and uses less processing power on your Mac.

Dynamic Rooms

Surround yourself with beautiful, moving environments and customize them to be unique for you!

Game controller support

Because it won’t be a boring meeting when you’ve got a PS4 controller in your hand.

“Mojave” and “Catalina” support

You no longer need the latest MacOS to run mmhmm.

Many more improvements

We’ve also fixed dozens of bugs during the first few weeks of beta - thanks for helping us squash them. In addition, there’s a lot more stuff under the hood in the newest beta.

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