Rooms to try this week: Move it

Oct 8, 2021

Gif of kid with curly hair next to rocket flying upwards in diorama

We love the dynamic rooms so much that we decided to add a touch of movement to some of our favorite background designs. (Don’t worry, the motion is subtle enough to tickle the brain without making anyone dizzy.) Here’s a small sample of the assortment we’re adding this week. 

To see all of the new room options we’re offering, go to the Rooms tab, click on ‘+ More Rooms…’ at the top and then ‘New’ on the left, and add these to your list.

And remember: These Premium features are always free for one hour a day for all mmhmm users. 

Dark Scallop

young woman against black and gold background of art deco scalloping shifting up and down behind her.

Be the hero in the half-shell. Credit: picksell and Peter Kemme

Turquoise Drift

GIF of woman standing in front of slightly moving aqua colors with white light beams

Mermaids not included. Credit: Bonnie Kate Wolf and Peter Kemme

Morning Sun

Woman with glasses standing in front of gently moving sunlight and shadows on white walls

Just add a hot cup of coffee. Credit: Elle Hughes and Peter Kemme

Space Shuttle

Gif of kid with curly hair next to rocket flying upwards in diorama

Planets not to scale. Credit: Sunset Paper’s and Peter Kemme

Your Real Room

GIF showing woman next to slide that says "Take a tour," then a second woman, then a man.

And, in case you missed it in yesterday's announcement, there are a few new rooms designed for showing off your real background: Your Room, Blue Blocks, Black Photon, and White Sail.