Rooms to try this week: May the fourth be with you

May 4, 2021

Woman with buns in hair wearing white robe with blue light saber behind her against black background

Today is May the Fourth, the perfect day to break out your lightsaber, put your hair into twin side buns, and question not why Yoda baby can be. Our latest room additions can help you live out your Star Wars fantasies. 

Don’t forget that this Sunday is also Mother’s Day, so if you forget to send a card to the mama in your life, remember that you can always record a greeting against one of our sweet bouquet backgrounds. 

May is also Mental Health Awareness month, and in the spirit of self-care, we’ve added soothing rooms to bring light and clarity to every video situation. 

We’ve included a small sample of what we’ve added below. To see everything, go to the Rooms tab, click on + More Rooms… at the top, and add these to your list.

Mental Health Awareness Month


Woman wearing glasses and smiling in front of a background with rays of light streaming left to right

Rays of hope. Credit: Jezper/Pond5

Mother’s Day


paper mums in shades of pink with paper leaves against light pink background

This room rose to the occasion. Credit: Meranna

May the Fourth


Woman in white robe with side buns standing in front of black background with lightsaber

Your father wanted you to have this. Credit: Riana