mmhmm for Mac is now open to all!

Nov 12, 2020

Illustration of mmhmm cube cutting a ribbon with balloons behind

This is it—today mmhmm for Mac is launching into the world, and now you’ll no longer need an invite to create magical video presentations. 

Mmhmm is free to download and use, and can help you present slides, photos, videos, and dynamic backgrounds behind you during video calls. You can use the Copilot feature to present collaboratively with a friend, or have a second person drive the presentation while you focus on speaking to the audience. And our Interactive Recordings help you share and view content asynchronously so you’ll never have to send boring slide decks again.

mmhmm Premium Tools

Premium Tools help you customize all the things, from backgrounds to presenter settings

Introducing mmhmm Premium Tools

Today we’re also introducing our premium offering. Here’s how it works:

Everyone who downloads mmhmm for the first time will get a seven day free trial of mmhmm Premium Tools — including customizable rooms, presenter controls, and fun and useful features like laser pointers. After that, free users can access the premium features for one hour each day. If you haven’t subscribed to mmhmm Premium yet, you’ll revert to mmhmm Basic after that hour is up (a handy countdown shows how much time is left). With mmhmm basic, you’ll continue to be able to videochat, record, collaborate, and present using a default background and simple presenter mode. 

We think you’ll love the creative and fully customizable experience so much that you’ll want to upgrade and get full access to the Premium toolkit for $99.99 per year or $9.99/month. Whether you’re a premium or basic customer, you won’t see ads—we don’t believe in advertising or any other way of monetizing your data. All of our revenue will come the old-fashioned way: when people pay us to use our product.

Four people in a grid with illustrations of thumbs on their hands

Big Hand mode is a new way to communicate nonverbally during videochats

New feature: Big Hand mode

We’ve built a brand-new feature we call Big Hand mode—our first foray into gestural communication. It’s hard to convey active listening when you’re just a head in one of many tiny boxes, and it’s awkward to unmute yourself just to say “mmhmm”. Big Hand makes it easier to communicate visually over video, while also adding a dash of fun to your meetings. While mmhmm works on macOS Big Sur, Catalina, and Mojave, this feature is currently only available on the brand new Apple M1-powered Macs running macOS Big Sur. We built it specially for those new machines, and we will continue to experiment with introducing new fun ways to communicate in mmhmm.

Two pictures side by side showing green screen before and after

Virtual green screen on the left; physical green screen on the right. Both look great!

Helping you look your best

Over the past few months, our team of computer graphics engineers has been working tirelessly to improve the appearance and performance of mmhmm’s virtual green screen, and enhance the quality of chroma-keying (that’s how your silhouette looks against a physical green screen). If it’s been a while since you used mmhmm, give it another try now! The difference is stunning.

Screenshot of a woman in a custom presentation in mmhmm

We can help you make custom presentations for your next big event

Custom mmhmm events and experiences

Speaking of revenue, we’re also kicking off mmhmm Creative Services—a white-glove solution for bespoke rooms, slides, presentation training, and production support for major events, conferences, and corporate clients. We’ve gotten so much interest in using mmhmm for events and important presentations that we decided to offer personalized help to more people. Reach out if you need help making your next big virtual event shine.

Photo of chalkboard with someone writing on it

Thank you, teachers! And keep hustling, students.

Free for students and educators

People involved in virtual education have been especially passionate about using mmhmm to make remote learning more fun and engaging. So we’re excited to announce that we’re offering mmhmm Premium free of charge to students and educators for one year. To sign up, go to You'll need to have your account e-mail and password, as well as your school e-mail address. Once your e-mail has been verified, we'll add 12 months of Premium to your account.

Special thanks to our amazing beta testers

As a special thanks to all of our existing users, we’re providing three months of mmhmm Premium for free to beta testers. We’re super grateful for the valuable feedback and support. If you’ve been testing, look for an email with details soon.

We’ve been so inspired by the creative ways people are already putting mmhmm to use around the world. In just a few short months, our beta users have shared many of their experiences: Healthcare clowns are still bringing the joy; product developers sort out how to demo their drones; a rabbi learns to convene the faithful from afar; and a member of the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe launches a virtual storytime to continue the oral tradition of sharing Indigenous languages and values.

Mmhmm for Windows is on its way

For those of you who have been waiting to use mmhmm but don’t have a Mac—thanks for your patience, and please hang tight. We’ll let you know when mmhmm for Windows is ready for beta testing.

We’re proud of how mmhmm has grown since we first launched in private beta just a few short months ago, and we’re just getting started on building the future of video communication. Keep an eye out for new features and upgrades, and as always, keep your ideas and feedback coming. We can’t wait to see your show!

-Megan from Team mmhmm