mmhmm for Mac 1.3: Show ‘em how you feel with GIPHY Slides

Mar 11, 2021

Cat with rainbow laser beams coming from eyes, text says GIPHY + mmhmm

We could tell you how we feel about mmhmm’s new GIPHY slides, but we’d rather show you:


Person in air dancer costume waving arms

Credit: GIPHY

How to add a GIPHY slide to mmhmm

GIPHY slide being added to an mmhmm presentation

We’ve teamed up with GIPHY to make it easy to search for the best GIFs to add to your presentations and video calls, giving you a new way to express yourself in meetings and other conversations. Just click the Add photo button from the slide tray, choose GIPHY, and enter a search term for your mood. (When in doubt, go with Inigo Montoya.)

We also recommend queueing up a presentation with some GIF answers to the most common video communication issues:

Can you hear me?

Adele singing Can you hear me and a woman in the corner pointing to her mouth

Credit: GIPHY

You’re muted.

Man with headphones on shaking head and woman shaking her head

Credit: GIPHY

Somebody needs to mute.

Hand hitting the mute button, woman with index finger over mouth

Credit: GIPHY

We’re just waiting for a few more people to join the call.

Child in black and white tapping fingers impatiently, woman in the corner with pursed lips

Credit: GIPHY


Man in suit nodding and putting hands under chin, woman in the corner with raised eyebrows

Credit: GIPHY

Go team!

Group of dogs jumping rope, woman in the corner clapping hands

Credit: GIPHY

Any questions?

Woman saying "Question" gesturing with hand, woman in corner with hand on chin

Credit: GIPHY

Great job!

Nail being hammered into a piece of wood, woman with thumbs up in the corner

Credit: GIPHY

That was incredible.

Man gesturing that his mind is blown with fireworks around him, woman in the corner mouth agape

Credit: GIPHY


Two men turning around and nodding with pursed lips with a woman in the corner agreeing

Credit: GIPHY

One more thing...

If you copy an image onto your clipboard (like from a web browser or something), you can now paste it directly into the mmhmm slide tray and it'll make a new slide. We're frankly surprised it didn't always do this.

Download the latest mmhmm update and zhuzh up your presentations today.