Announcing the winners of the mmhmm Elgato contest!

Oct 8, 2020

Mmhmm partnered with Elgato, makers of awesome gear for streaming content creators, to ask folx to submit a video talking about what they think can be made better than before. We were floored by the responses from around the world. You all clearly have a lot of change-positive, creative energy! In a year of clouds, you are clearly silver-linings people, and we applaud you.

Here are the five winning videos, as scored by our panel of judges:

Kid standing in front of chalkboard that says I will not be bored.

@andyzulla - Andyzulla imagines a world where online learning is better than before with immersive graphics and video.


@Bayka38230687 - This teacher wants to become part of the courseware. Props for excellent use of head cutouts.


Man in red shirt in foreground with same man in blue shirt in background

@trevorwastaken - Trevor's surreal video shows us how mmhmm helps him "clone" himself.


@MihriMentes Mihriban Menteş imagines a better you through habit formation.


A young man playing a video game with a purple background

@bybinator Andrew asks for community through better online expression.


Each of these winners will receive an Elgato prize package with: 

1 Key Light Air, 1 Stream Deck Mini, 1 Wave:1 Mic, and 1 mystery prize from mmhmm.

We also have a few honorable mentions we wanted to give 👏 to:

Man with glasses standing in front of a virtual whiteboard

@gordonplant wants to make whiteboards better.


A man in a red shirt showing coding on the screen

@_aijaz_ teaches coding to diverse student populations to make their lives better than before.


Two clowns standing in front of a pepperoni pizza close-up

@PrescriptionJoy makes sick kids feel better with virtual hospital visits.


Woman in front of Spongebob illustration that says FUN

@kthomas901 shares how she's connecting with others to make friendship better.


Thank you to everyone who entered, and to anyone who strives to make the world a better place. We see you. 🙌