Students and educators get a year of mmhmm Premium for free!

Elizabeth Moore

Aug 16, 2021

Online learning is no longer a handy alternative—in many parts of the world, it’s the reality!

Here at mmhmm, it’s been especially gratifying to see how people involved in education are using mmhmm to make hybrid learning more fun and engaging for all involved. (Want examples? Check out our interviews with a math teacher, business school professor, and cultural educator.)

So we’re super excited to announce that we’re offering mmhmm Premium free of charge to both students and educators for one year. (It’s the least we can do in a time like this.)

If you fall into either category and want in, we’ll need to verify your school email address first. Here’s how to help us do that:

login for education

How to register as a student or educator

1. If you’re new to mmhmm, download the app and create an account. (At the moment it’s only available on Macs.)

2. Once you have an account, or if you’ve already signed up, go to and log in to your account with your e-mail and password.

3. To verify your eligibility, add your school e-mail address and tell us what you do.

4. Verify your e-mail by following the link we send. 

5. Approvals can take up to five business days to complete. Once approved, your account will reflect the additional 12 months of Premium. 

Thank you, teachers! And keep hustling, students. We sincerely hope mmhmm helps you out along the way.