mmhmm for Mac 1.3: Show ‘em how you feel with GIPHY Slides

Mar 11, 2021

We could tell you how we feel about mmhmm’s new GIPHY slides, but we’d rather show you:


How to add a GIPHY slide to mmhmm

We’ve teamed up with GIPHY to make it easy to search for the best GIFs to add to your presentations and video calls, giving you a new way to express yourself in meetings and other conversations. Just click the Add photo button from the slide tray, choose GIPHY, and enter a search term for your mood. (When in doubt, go with Inigo Montoya.)

We also recommend queueing up a presentation with some GIF answers to the most common video communication issues:

Can you hear me?

You’re muted.

Somebody needs to mute.

We’re just waiting for a few more people to join the call.


Go team!

Any questions?

Great job!

That was incredible.