For better presentations, make yourself giant or tiny

Oct 26, 2020

Why choose between letting people hear you or see you when you can have both? Faces and bodies are capable of incredibly complex communication that can convey so much more than just voice can. A well-timed picture can sharpen a point you’re trying to make. 

But, sometimes, you want to let people get a closer look at a detail in your picture or video. 

With mmhmm, you can use the resizer to shrink and grow yourself and your images to direct your viewers’ attention exactly where you want it to be.

Say I’m showing you my whale-watching trip in Newport Beach, CA. If I want the focus to be on my storytelling, I can make myself as big as the picture.

If I want you to focus on the actual whale cresting the waves, I can make the presentation screen full-size and shrink myself into a tiny person. I can still show my face while giving your eyes a chance to look closely at the image.