Faster, faster! All the mmhmm keyboard shortcuts

Ganda Suthivarakom

Oct 28, 2020

Cheating is generally bad, unless you’re doing it to save time and nobody else gets hurt. But then is it really cheating or is it efficiency? 

While you figure that out, here are all of the mmhmm keyboard shortcuts. 

Keyboard shortcuts

/  Hide/unhide the presenter 

, Toggles slides between “Off” and “Default” (upper right corner)

. Toggles slides between “Default” and “Full-frame” (center)

⌘⌫ Delete selected slide

⌘R Reset all settings

⌘S Save your presentation

⌘0-⌘9 Your rooms - check the Rooms panel to change your presets

⇦⇨ Move to next and previous slides

⌘+ Stops a recording that's in progress.

A Toggles to Away mode (aka BRB)

⌘⇧S Duplicates a presentation file

Trackpad shortcuts

Pinch and zoom Makes the presenter shrink and grow

Scroll with two fingers Makes the presenter fade

Click and drag the presenter Moves the presenter around the screen


What shortcuts would you like us to add? Send a note to

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