Better Than Before

Mmhmm, that's better

Video life is real life now. Here’s how entrepreneurs, educators, and performers are using mmhmm to reinvent and transform their businesses.

Bring the energy of real-life business interactions

"Mmhmm has been an instrumental business partner for me to bring the brand to life in way where buyers can see it and almost feel it."

Yolanda White

Founder and CEO, Dayo Women

Build deeper connections between students and teachers

"From the first video that I made using mmhmm, membership in our Indigenous Storytime group increased.”

Tamera Miyasato

Educator and Indigenous activist

Delight a live audience from anywhere

“Virtual hospital visits aren’t going anywhere. We’re going to keep them forever.”

Alex Smith & Becca Chapman

Cofounders / performers, Prescription Joy

Engage and amaze, even when you can’t be there in person

“We don't just have a slide deck when we're presenting — we use mmhmm to show a live demo of the system.”

Alex Pachikov

Founder and CEO, Sunflower Labs

We asked you to show us how you’re making life #betterthanbefore, for a chance to win great prizes—and wow, did you ever deliver!

Andy Zula